CBRE's Canadian Workplace Transformation Begins In Vancouver

Vancouver, B.C. – October 21, 2015 - The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm is usually advising clients on strategic real estate decisions, now CBRE is turning the tables on itself by rolling out a new workplace transformation in offices across Canada. CBRE seized the opportunity to showcase the company's expertise in Workplace Strategy and Project Management, unveiling a new Vancouver office located in MNP Tower at 1021 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver. 

"Real estate services, employee needs and technology have evolved rapidly in recent years, and our previous location was no longer working well for us in size, efficiency and employee experience. We needed a high-performance, world class workplace that encouraged collaboration between business lines to better service to our clients,” said Norm Taylor, Managing Director of CBRE’s B.C. operations. 

“People are inspired by the new space that extends over four floors, offers phenomenal views of Vancouver, and features a variety of work spaces for our dynamic workforce. Our clients are also very curious to see the choices we have made and new home we have built for ourselves. The amount of client interest in touring our offices has been tremendous,” noted Taylor.

Ashley O’Neill, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at CBRE, explained: “Our new office space was developed collaboratively through a ground-up approach that engaged all of our employees in decisions from design and artwork, to furniture choices and technology needs. By embracing the work style, culture and ideas of the Vancouver employees throughout the entire process, we built a work environment that truly reflects the entrepreneurial culture that CBRE prides itself on. Our new offices in Canada will be much more than bricks and mortar; they represent the blueprint for our future success.  We are building a stronger company at CBRE and can help our clients to do the same.”

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Some key highlights of​​ CBRE’s new Vancouv​er office include:

  • Choice & Connection: Five different types of workspaces beyond the traditional workstation support a range of work styles and give employees from multiple generations the flexibility to work as individuals or teams, both in quiet or collaborative environments. Notably, the new space also offers five times more meeting places than before, as well as a five-foot wide interconnecting staircase to foster serendipitous collisions.
  • Technology and a National Digitization Strategy have reduced paper use by 65 per cent in Vancouver which translates into an 80 per cent reduction in file drawers and storage space. Digitizing most of CBRE’s files was integral to providing mobility and enabling employees to work effectively beyond their desks.  “Follow Me Printing” is a new feature in the Vancouver office, which reduces service zones, saves paper, and ensures confidentiality.
  • Wellness focused design drove CBRE to build a healthy environment for employees featuring a high level of indoor air quality and unmatched access to daylight and views. Physical activity is encouraged through a partnership with a local gym facility. Sit or stand? That is the question. 100 per cent of the space includes ergonomic furniture to enhance the health and psychological wellbeing of employees. The firm is also partnering with local, healthy and sustainable vendors to provide food and nourishment options for those in the office.
  • Strong culture & brand drove the bold design including living trees on each floor that reflect Vancouver’s natural beauty; the strategic placement of the RISE Café was created to foster connections across departments; and meeting rooms named after favorite outdoor activities are available.

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“We maximized choice rather than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ workplace approach. We have introverts and extroverts, we have different types of meetings and work requirements everyday – and they all factor in different work styles or preferences,” explained Loren Bergmann, Director of Workplace Strategy in Western Canada. "It was essential that our physical real estate reflected our brand and culture as well. It’s an integral part of CBRE’s ability to attract and retain top talent and leverage expertise across business lines.”

Taylor remarked: “We have advised the full spectrum of office tenants, from large multi-national clients to small start-ups, on how to optimize their office experience and future-proof their real estate decisions. There is no question that we will be even better partners for the tenant and occupier community having lived through an extensive workplace transformation ourselves.”

CBRE’s Canadian Workplace Transformations will continue through 2016 and comprises new offices in London, three Toronto locations including CBRE’s national head office, as well as offices in Halifax and Montreal. The firm will have transformed 70 per cent of its offices in Canada by the end of this multi-year process, including the home of 125 employees in Vancouver. 

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