National Investment Team - Calgary


Diverse Capabilities 

The National Investment Team - Calgary (NIT - Calgary) consists of four experienced professionals with a wide range of competencies.  NIT - Calgary includes three of Alberta’s most experienced investment real estate brokers.  Their combined industry experience is over 70 years and their sale volume is in excess of $7 Billion.  In addition, NIT - Calgary has a lawyer and a planner on its team that offer expertise in development planning, legal and environmental matters.  All property underwriting is conducted by two analysts who ensure the accuracy of the teams’ financial underwriting.


NIT - Calgary’s experience includes the completion of major transactions in office, retail, industrial and multi-family properties in the Calgary and Edmonton markets, as well as experience in multi-market portfolios in conjunction with other CBRE offices.  NIT - Calgary has experience in the sale and development of commercial and residential land and, also, in the representation of users in Calgary and surrounding markets.  In addition to its transactional expertise, NIT - Calgary provides consulting and valuation services.



NIT - Calgary is a partnership, with all members sharing in the revenue of the team.  The group maintains a common database of clients and works together to ensure maximum cooperation on all assignments.  This formula increases communication and synergy, which benefits both sides of the transaction.  The group occupies an open office environment, thus facilitating the sharing of information.  The group meets weekly to review all listings and to share market intelligence.

Comprehensive Market Data 

With access to CBRE Calgary’s 25 sale professionals actively involved in the leasing of industrial, retail, downtown and suburban office space, as well as the highly regarded CBRE research team, NIT - Calgary has the best data on new supply, demand and vacancy, as well as leasing and sale comparables available to it.  NIT - Calgary will add an appropriate leasing professional to certain investment assignments to ensure that the best possible market information and market knowledge is made available to clients.


National Scope

NIT - Calgary is a member of CBRE  Limited's National Investment Team - Canada (NIT - Canada).  NIT - Canada includes the most senior investment sale professionals in each of the CBRE offices across Canada, all of which are “best of class” in their respective markets.  NIT - Canada conducts bi-monthly telephone conference calls to discuss sales, new listings and overall market activity and trends in all major Canadian markets.  The sharing of market information from all listings allows each office to more effectively market its properties.