Sophie  Heywood

Coordinator, Client Services

I have been with The High Technology Facilities Group for 11 years and while the work is never-ending, the creativity around me and the energy from the team is inspiring. My role, and what I do best, is keeping the engines of the team running smoothly. My mission each day is to ease their workload so that they can focus on what they do best – industry leading commercial real estate deals. Prior to moving to Vancouver I spent 10 years organizing events for CEO’s in the investment banking industry, so I was familiar with demanding work environments when I switched over to commercial real estate. I thrive on fast-paced industries.

When I’m not in the office, I’m with my family and encouraging my two young children to be the strongest they can be; or pounding the sea wall in my runners – it’s what clears my mind and keeps me sane.

Services Provided

  • Leasing administration
  • Financial analysis
  • Managing critical date schedules
  • Contact person
  • Preparation of client tools and deliverables
  • Marketing e-campaigns
  • Client reporting
  • Managing our client database



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