Everyone, whether owner-occupier or investor, wants the price of their property to
rise. The Bangkok real estate market is quite unique compared to other markets
because of the huge variation in the price performance of condominium properties
after their completion, even those in similar locations.

Property, residential property in particular, is a unique product because it can be
both for personal use and investment with the possibility of capital gain and rental
income. It is a roof over your family’s head which is a basic need and can also be
an appreciating investment if replacement costs rise or there is a perceived shortage
of supply.

It is one of the few investment products where many people are willing to borrow
money to fund a purchase and banks are willing to lend to a broad range of
people to fund a purchase. This makes property very different to other investments
like shares or bonds as the dual-purpose nature of property as a consumer-durable
and investment product makes analysing and forecasting prices harder.