The world is changing and Alberta is leading the way


The world is changing and Alberta is leading the way towards a future characterized by vibrant cities, diverse economies, a clean environment and unmatched talent. Long known for hard work, ingenuity, hospitality and spirit, the businesses and residents of Alberta are tackling the challenges of the moment to secure prosperity and opportunity for a better tomorrow. Alberta stands at the cusp of a future that marries its rural traditions and natural resources with a innovative, increasingly urban and sustainable plan for future growth.

CBRE’s New Alberta Advantage showcases the innovations an opportunities in the economy that will shape businesses and commercial real estate across the province.


Featured Reports

Transportation at a Glance

Despite the cancellation of Keystone XL, other projects and innovations are stepping in to restore the energy industry and meet projected increases in global demand. These projects are designed to boost the oil and gas industry across Canada and provide significant economic benefits to the province of Alberta.

Alberta's Industrial Heartland

Alberta's industrial heartland is Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing center and is currently home to over 40 companies that participate in the province’s industrial economy. Capital investment in this region has surpassed $50 billion with several ongoing projects nearing completion and future development plans continuing to progress.

Hydrogen Energy in Alberta

Canada has certain advantages that positions the nation to lead the global hydrogen movement, including high hydroelectric generation and freshwater capacity, production resources, and proximity to international markets. Canada is within the top 10 hydrogen producers in the world today. A large part of Canada’s ability to produce hydrogen comes from Alberta’s fossil fuel reserves, coupled with carbon capture and storage systems.

Why Edmonton could stem Canada’s supply chain chaos

As businesses franticly reroute goods across the country, Edmonton’s connection to Asia, rapid rail lines, and low industrial costs could be the answer to Canada’s supply chain chaos.

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