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Use the world’s most comprehensive real estate services platform to find innovative solutions for your specific needs as a corporate occupier or office investor.

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Office Services for Occupiers: 
Unlock value by improving productivity and optimizing office locations, portfolios, ownership and capital structures with our holistic solutions for workplace performance, talent attraction and retention, and cost reduction. Our global technology platform connects office professionals from all over the world who use market insight and experience to deliver strong outcomes for local, national and global occupiers.

Office Services for Investors:
With an approach that spans property sales, debt and structured finance, investment banking, valuation and advisory, property management, landlord leasing and project management solutions, we serve office properties—suburban offices, iconic high-rises and everything in between—in all major markets.

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From small spaces to large iconic buildings.

CBRE is Canada's leader in Office Services, with the most comprehensive investor and occupier services platform, and more professionals specializing in the office sector than any other firm.

Investors engage CBRE for data-driven insights and executable value enhancement strategies relating to acquiring, analyzing, financing, managing, positioning, marketing and selling their office property or portfolio – whether it's a single suburban mid-rise or an iconic downtown high-rise building.

Occupiers come to CBRE to improve productivity, optimize locations, portfolios, ownership and capital structures and gain holistic solutions for workplace performance, cost reduction, talent attraction and retention.

CBRE Office Services partners with clients to make the most strategic and informed decisions regarding their real estate. We provide industry-leading local market expertise, which is supported by unique and insightful economic forecasting and market research tools.

Latest Office Insights

Latest Office Insights

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  • ‒ Office vacancy continued to press upward after a brief reprieve at year-end, now 16.3%. The outlook is optimistic with many businesses set to more formally re...

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