Chinatsu Kaneko

Senior Director, Workplace Strategy, Japan & North Asia

Photo de chinatsu-kaneko

Expérience professionnelle

With 23 years of experience in commercial interior design and consulting, Chinatsu leads CBRE’s Workplace Strategy (WPS) teams in our North Asia region, which includes Greater China, Japan and Korea. She brings a comprehensive understanding of built space, especially in workplace. Her passion comes from her belief in the power of physical environments on human behaviors and on corporate culture. To that end her interests span from interior design to branding, communications, change management, evolution of work styles, business strategy and planning.

She believes that strong collaboration to be a significant key to implementation and realization of project goals and collaborates with many of CBRE’s different service lines to deliver great client outcomes.

The 2014 CBRE Tokyo headquarters relocation project, in which she played a leading role, draw global attention for its cutting-edge innovation. Ever since then, she has conducted seminars nationwide proposing workplaces for the next generation.

She had been profiled by Japanese news media such as The Nikkei, The Yomiuri Shimbun, The PRESIDENT, Domani, etc..