Golf Courses See a Surge in Demand During COVID-19

September 8, 2020 3 Minute Read

Golf Courses See a Surge in Demand During COVID-19

The summer months have brought plenty of opportunities for outdoor physically distanced activities.

From picnics in the park, to bike rides and the occasional patio meal, Canadians have been finding new ways to enjoy time together outdoors as the pandemic continues.

That includes a new demand for outdoor sports, a trend that has buoyed the Canadian golf industry. From seasoned pros to beginner golfers, the country’s golf courses have been packed since early spring.

Hitting the Greens

According to Golf Canada, the number of games played in June was up 17.0% from the same time last year. July saw a 12.0% year-over-year increase, with more than 1.6 million games played, the highest number ever recorded.

“At the outset, we were concerned, like all sports, about the possibility of a complete loss of a year – which would have been devastating to the sport,” said Laurence Applebaum, the CEO of Golf Canada. “In fact, the opposite has occurred.”

The sport, which lends itself naturally to physical distancing, has seen a surge in popularity among regular golfers and first-time enthusiasts.

Golf hole fairway

Stocking Up on Supplies

The trend can also be seen in retail sales. Dick’s Sporting Goods, owner of Golf Galaxy and seller of golf apparel, equipment and accessories, reported a 20.7% quarter-over-quarter rise in in-store sales in the second quarter of the year, even while 15.0% of its stores remained closed.

At the same time, online sales rose a whopping 194.0% quarter-over quarter. While it’s just a picture of one company, the numbers indicate a steep rise in demand for golf equipment during the pandemic.

CBRE Leading the Way

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