We have led the industry in establishing a global footprint and offering a full spectrum of services, and we continue to lead in superior client service, volume of business activity, financial performance and many other measures. Now we are ready to lead in another very important area: Corporate Responsibility.

The concept of Responsibility is not new in our company.  We've been working diligently in several of these areas for many years.  Our people are some of the largest supporters of philanthropic causes in their communities and our Company has led the industry in good governance and ethics practices for some time.

Perhaps our biggest opportunity lies in taking a strong position in support of environmental sustainability.  Recent studies have shown that buildings account for as much as 40 percent of the earth's greenhouse gas emissions, which are believed to contribute to climate change.  As the world’s largest real estate services firm, we directly manage more than 2.5 billion square feet of property and corporate facilities, and we advise the owners and occupiers of billions more square feet.  Our ability to influence how real estate is built, sourced, occupied, and sold, is unsurpassed.

By aggregating and sharing our expertise in "green" building policies, processes and procedures, we can make a tangible impact on improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change.  We can work with our clients to make their facilities greener, save them money, and contribute to the growing battle against climate change.

Community Activities

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Ethics and Compliance

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