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1021 West Hastings Street
Suite 250​0
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 0C3


Naz Ali joined CBRE Limited in April 2004. She holds a Diploma in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In her past years with CBRE Limited, Naz has worked with various aspects of spatial map designs, demographic analysis and GIS databases. She has extensive knowledge of geographical information systems including the design and management of databases, programming, maintenance and mapping. She works with several mapping applications including ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo Pro, MapInfo Discover, Vertical Mapper and PCensus Analyst.

Prior to joining CBRE Limited, Naz was employed as an Orthophoto and Map Finishing Technician at MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. While there, she was involved in several geo-spatial modeling projects along with orthorectification, geo-referencing, image interpretation and mosaicking of satellite and airborne data. Along with that, Naz has various experiences in digitizing, editing, digital mapping and graphic design while as a Cartographic Technician and Production Head at a map publishing company.

Naz leads the Canada Location Analytics & Mapping platform and is responsible for all GIS services. She initiates new enhancements and services while managing quality control and mapping standards to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the mapping products. She also conducts training, best practices and techniques for other GIS Professionals. Naz also chairs the Metro Vancouver MapInfo User Group.

Some of the services that Naz can offer CBRE Limited agents and their clients include:

  • custom GIS products designed for marketing, presentations and geographic analysis. Custom maps include location maps, listings and comparables maps, available properties maps, employee distribution maps and analysis;
  • market analysis tailored to the client's needs;
  • thematic representation of data including heat maps;
  • office, industrial and retail inventory maps allowing users to visually analyze commercial properties;
  • design and implementation of GIS databases at local, regional, and national levels;  and aerial imagery integrated into GIS data.