What Will Your Office Look Like in 2030?

January 21, 2020 3 Minute Read

What Will Your Office Look Like in 2030?

Looking back on the past decade, the pace of change can feel overwhelming.

Ten years ago, no one had heard of co-working, received a late-night Slack message, or casually chatted with a workplace virtual assistant.

But by the end of the 2020s, the workplace of the 2010s will seem shockingly simplistic. As technology continues its forward march, advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will turn work as we know it on its head.

In this brave new world, staying ahead of the latest tech will be critical to remaining relevant and competitive, whatever your industry.

That’s why we’ve put together a picture of what work will look like in the coming decade. Read on for 5 ways the workplace will evolve by 2030.

The Tech Transformation

Ideas that were once the stuff of science fiction are coming to your office, and sooner than you think.

From virtual reality to virtual assistants, the pace of technological change will accelerate at a truly unprecedented rate.

As smart machines become smarter, you’ll work alongside them as they complete tasks previously reserved for humans – jobs like data entry, but also everything from reception services to customer service calls.

In fact, in the not-so-distant future, many office employees could have their own virtual assistant. This helper will be able to respond to email, schedule meetings and complete pesky errands.

What Will Your Office Look Like in 2030?

AI is Coming to Town

PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that AI will add a whopping $15 trillion to the global GDP by 2030, largely the result of its data-solving abilities.

This technology will penetrate every aspect of the modern economy, completing routine manual and cognitive tasks. Think factory automation, but also chat bots.

It will help people accomplish tasks faster and better, from data analysis to writing and content creation, even contributing to strategic decision making.

Upskilling is the New Normal

Of course, the need for rapid advancement and new skills raises a troubling question: Is a robot coming for my job?

Not necessarily. But workers will have to commit themselves to the idea of lifelong learning.

Gone are the days of using the skills learned in post-secondary education to inform an entire career. Constant upskilling will be necessary to remain informed and relevant.

As this trend continues to grow, employers wishing to retain talented employees will have to build in-house education pipelines, providing workers with continual on-the-job education or off-site courses.

What Will Your Office Look Like in 2030?

A Jump in Job-Hopping

Millennials have already overturned the notion of a one-company one-career life, bouncing from job to job in a competitive market.

This will only increase in the coming decade, as new generations move away from the idea of pursuing a single vocation.

The rise of contract work will encourage employees to move from company to company, with most staying for a few months to a year.

Companies looking to attract top talent for longer stretches of time will have to offer strong culture, benefits and purpose-driven work.

The Rise of Remote Work

If co-working was a buzzy new trend in the ‘10s, companies won’t blink an eye at it in the ‘20s.

Previously a place for freelancers and entrepreneurs, flexible space operators will become home to corporations looking for agility in their office space.

Many traditional office headquarters will be replaced by flexible spaces, allowing companies to hire the best talent, regardless of location.

Other employees will simply work from home, as it becomes easier to replicate the work environment using only portable company devices.

Even companies that maintain a traditional office will likely allow employees to work remotely for part of the week, in a bid to retain top talent looking for a flexible experience.

What Will Your Office Look Like in 2030?

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