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Tech talent employment growth continued its decade long upward trend in 2021 but industry, occupation and geography patterns shifted. Tech talent employment increased by 136,000 jobs year-over-year in 2021 to 5.5 million. The technology (110,300), life sciences (37,800) and financial services, insurance and real estate (18,900) industries added the most tech jobs, while the manufacturing (-58,800), transportation, warehousing and wholesale (-34,900) and telecommunications (-15,800) industries lost the most.

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Scoring Tech Talent Expert Roundtable Event

Experts from CBRE, ZipRecruiter and Airbnb share their views on workforce mobility, remote work and labor market conditions for tech talent.

Tech Talent Analyzer

Explore and compare markets to find the locations that best meet your tech talent needs

Scoring Tech Talent is a comprehensive analysis of labor market conditions, cost and quality in North America for highly skilled tech workers.

The top 50 markets in the U.S. and Canada were ranked according to their competitive advantages and appeal to both employers and tech talent employees.

Ten Latin America and 25 up-and-coming U.S. and Canada markets were also analyzed and ranked.

The analysis provides further insight into the quality of tech workers, their demographics and diversity and how tech talent growth patterns are impacting cities and real estate markets.

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