How COVID-19 Could Change Your Relationship with Your Boss for Good

May 11, 2020 3 Minute Read

How COVID-19 Could Change Your Relationship with Your Boss for Good

There has been plenty of talk about reopening the economy, but the reality is that any partial return to normal will be a step-by-step process over the coming weeks and months.

And while some things will eventually get back to “business as usual,” COVID-19 will change many aspects of our lives for good.

One of those things could be the relationship between employees and the workplace.

Our standards for sanitation and density will certainly change in the short-term. Our acceptance of flexible work and part-time remote work will also evolve.

Looking forward, landlords and occupiers will all have to consider what needs to change about their day-to-day operations to ensure the comfort and safety of employees.

We’ve broken down some of the changes that could result from COVID-19.

How COVID-19 Could Change Your Relationship with Your Boss for Good

Flexible Work

As entire workplaces continue to work from home, employees are discovering new workplace preferences.

While elements of the office environment may be missed, employees could realize that they prefer working remotely at least some of the time.

“I don’t think we’ll have wholesale changes of organizations, where they move completely to remote work,” says Lisa Fulford-Roy, Senior Vice President and Head of CBRE’s Canadian Workplace Strategy Practice. “But there will be more of an emphasis on flexible work in the future.”

Governments and businesses are still assessing what occupancy level they will require moving forward. Employees who can work from home on at least a part-time basis will likely be asked to do so.

Business leaders who might have resisted the work from home concept will also have a new understanding of its benefits and challenges.

“We’re starting to hear some great stories where senior leaders and managers who were resistant to tech and working from home are now putting their hands up and saying that they have found ways to make it work for them,” says Fulford Roy. “They’re going to come out of this situation with a new appreciation for remote work, and confidence in managing remote teams.”

In the future, many employees may find that they prefer part-time remote work to facilitate with specific tasks and their employers are likely more willing to accept this.

How COVID-19 Could Change Your Relationship with Your Boss for Good

Reimagining the Workplace

When we do return to the office, we may hardly recognize it.

Landlords and occupants will have to cooperate to ensure building safety. This will include everything from facilities management, security protocols, access to space and ensuring social distancing in elevators.

Of course, employee safety doesn’t begin and end at the office.

Businesses will have to consider their workforce’s “ecosystem” – how are employees getting to and from work?

“One of the biggest challenges is getting to work,” says Fulford-Roy. “From leaving their front door to getting to the office – what does that look like? Until that commute feels safe, organizations will likely give their employees the option to work at the office, while encouraging those who can to work from home.”

How COVID-19 Could Change Your Relationship with Your Boss for Good

Planning for the Future

CBRE’s Workplace Strategy Practice can guide businesses through every step of this process.
Our team can begin virtual assessments, interviews, employee surveys, existing base infrastructure reviews and floor plan reviews immediately.

Our goal is to deliver an efficient process and provide recommendations quickly. Get in touch today.

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